8 Tech Tips for Your Office Space in Kansas City

Technology in an office can be a fickle thing to deal with, but in this day and age, it is so necessary to have fully functioning technology at all times.  Here are a few common problems with technology that arise in offices, as well as tips for how to troubleshoot, as outlined in the articles “Toby’s Tech Tips: Part 1 & Part 2”:

#1 Slow Computers

Slow performing computers are extremely common tech complaints, but fortunately a little maintenance can usually speed things up. One explanation is that your computer is experiencing a virus, but if you rule out this option, it is more likely that you are using too much data storage.  Storing essential personal and work related documents is so important, but you can save space by moving documents that you don’t need frequently to either a USB device or an external hard drive in order to free up space on your computer.  If you find files that you do not need, don’t be afraid to put them in the “Recycle Bin.”

#2 Too Many Windows 

If you are losing efficiency because you constantly have multiple windows open on your computer, consider getting another monitor.  You can even set up dual monitors in the same stand, and these monitors can swivel, rotate, and tilt to adjust to your preferences.  You might find that you can increase your productivity without decreasing your desk space.

#3 Trouble with Email Attachments

If you are having issues with email, particularly opening attachments, you might want to look into a software upgrade. If your software is outdated, the files you are trying to open might no longer be compatible with what you are using.

#4 Printer Problems

These always seem to arise at the worst possible times, but there are a few quick fixes you can try.  First is simply turning the computer off and on, but if this doesn’t work, try unplugging it altogether and then plugging it back in.  You can also double click the printer icon on your computer to check the print queue and see if there are several documents waiting.

#5 Download Speeds

If your computer is taking way too much time to download things from the internet, you might check to see that you aren’t downloading or uploading things without knowing it.  Sometimes torrent programs run in the background of your computer and are minimized to your systems tray–without you even noticing them.

#6 Unreliable Wi-Fi

The first step when dealing with unreliable Wi-Fi is to check to see if your router or your computer is the problem.  If it is just a matter of improving the signal strength from your router, look into purchasing a Wi-Fi range extender, which can strengthen the signal from a router in different parts of a building.

#7 Laptop Upgrades

If you are frustrated with your laptop but still unsure of whether to make the leap to a tablet, consider some devices that are somewhere in between.  Many laptops with full keyboards also feature touchscreens that can rotate 360 degrees, giving you some of the best features of both options.  If you know you want to be on the go and work from something smaller altogether, then maybe downsizing to a tablet is the best option for you—look into your choices to see what will serve you best.

#8 Losing Power

Sometimes documents can be lost simply because of the battery dying on your computer—inadvertently erasing hours of hard work.  One way to prevent this from happening is to look into a UPS (uninterruptable power supply), which gives you time to back up your work before losing power.

Consider trying some of these tips if you are having tech problems in your office!

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