9 Tips for Keeping your Kansas City Office Space Organized: Part II

Sometimes too much clutter and disorganization can get in the way of office productivity.  Here are a few tips for getting back on track in your office:

4.      Set up a filing system:  Piling papers on the floors is a recipe for lots items and disorganization.  There are a lot of effective options for organizing your files: alphabetically, by project, by client, etc.  But having that filing cabinet is the key.  Determine what system works best for your thought process and work style so it will be easiest to maintain.

5.      Archive older files:  Files from years ago are not essential to your day-to-day work.  Store these files you do not need in a different location so they do not add to workspace clutter.   If you have a lot of these old files, consider looking into a scanning and storage company to remove the files to an off-site space.

6.      End of the day habits:  It is miserable to start each morning coming into work with a pile of papers on your desk.  When you are wrapping up work each day, leave yourself 15 minutes to put things away and update any to-do lists.  This will enhance your sense of accomplishment for your day and help you begin the next morning with a clean slate.

Staying on top of files and keeping the paper piles to a minimum can help you feel spatially and mentally more organized!

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