9 Tips for Keeping your Kansas City Office Space Organized: Part III

Check out these few final tips for keeping your office space organized and kick-starting your productivity:

7.      Keep Track of your “To-Do’s”:  Whether you do it using pen and paper or you prefer to keep track of your life electronically, maintaining a running to do list can help prevent things from falling through the cracks.  Divide your tasks into categories (i.e. by client or project), and make sure you include all important dates and deadlines for those tasks.

8.      Stay current with your communication:  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring communications from others.  Schedule yourself a time every day to check and respond to emails and phone messages.  Taking care of this once in the morning and again in the afternoon will get the job done and minimally interrupt your work flow.

9.      Organize your Inbox:  It is important to stay electrically organized as well as physically organized.  Make different folders and subfolders within your inbox for different projects and clients.  With this system, you can respond to a new email right away and then file it under the appropriate inbox folder.

Keeping yourself and your space free of physical, mental, and electronic clutter can help make sure that your workdays are more productive!

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