9 Tips for Keeping your Kansas City Office Space Organized

Keeping an office space organized is essential to the success of your business.  If you are wasting time hunting for the things you need to do your work, that is productive time lost.  Here are a few simple tips for keeping your work space in order:

  1. Rearrange your space: If your current configuration requires you to get up and move across the room every time you need to throw something away or file something, in all likelihood your trash and files are going to start to pile up on the floor.  Make things easier for yourself by arranging furniture so that things are easily accessible.
  2. Purge: The reality is that unnecessarily junk tends to accumulate over time.  Go through your stuff and dispose of things that you no longer need or use, as well as any duplicates.  Once you have only your essential items, you will have a better idea of how much space you actually need to organize these things.
  3. Keep frequently used items within reach:  Since you are probably working on a computer, white-out is most likely does not need a place of prominence on your desk, nor does your pen holder need to contain twenty different writing tools.  Align items on your desk so that the things you know you will use regularly—computer, phone, stapler, a few pens, etc.—are within arm’s length.  Supplies that you use less often can be stored in drawers, eliminating some desk clutter.

Taking the time to periodically determine what is essential to your office and where these items should go will keep your workspace at maximum efficiency!

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