9 Ways to Save On Energy Expenses in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City: Carpool

Saving energy could also mean personal savings for your employees when it comes to transportation.  Helping them out with this could both make your business greener and increase employee satisfaction.  Here is some information on carpooling as a way to go green at the office:

Tip #2: Carpool

  • Transportation is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases, and high gas prices can make the commute personally expensive to employees.  Some employees might appreciate employers’ effort to make commuting or carpooling easy and a way to save money in the long run.
  • Try to come up with fun incentives to encourage people to use public transportation or carpool.  Employees who use public transportation, walk, or bike could get financial help with transit passes, coupons to local businesses, small prizes, or even bonus vacation days.  You could create designated prime parking spots for carpools to encourage people to share rides, or subsidize the cost of parking passes if you do not have dedicated parking.
  • Keep your employees informed of carpool and public transportation options by keeping a folder in a break room or on your intranet with lists of bike trails, carpool groups, and public transportation schedules.  Consider starting a RideShare Program (http://www.marc.org/rideshare/) to make finding carpooling options easy for employees.

Not only will carpooling or public transportation use help your business’s green efforts, it could also increase your employees’ job satisfaction by saving them some money.

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