9 Ways to Save on Energy Expenses in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City: Getting Employees Involved

Saving energy around the office is a great way to save money for your business and demonstrate to customers and clients your sense of environmental responsibility.  Once you have decided to go green at work, be sure to incorporate the whole office in the effort:

Tip #8: Start a Committee

Jump-start your energy-saving campaign with a meeting of a committee to discuss priorities, strategies, and reasonable goals.  Incorporating employees into the green process will prevent policies from coming off as sudden, arbitrary, or pointless.  Get people invested by putting together an interested committee to keep the office accountable for their goals, and listen to input from employees who have ideas about going green.  You might also consider getting a professional energy audit for some concrete ideas on where to start saving energy.

Tip #9: Make it a Habit

Once you have implemented your green office plan, make sure it becomes a habit.  The best way to hold people accountable is by showing results.  Keep track of energy costs and meter readings and let the office know about setbacks and advances.  Consider celebrations for reaching landmarks, as well as recognizing and rewarding excellent energy saving ideas.  Don’t forget to let your customers or clients know about your efforts to go green…you might find yourself surprised by their support!

Get started on saving money and energy at your office!

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