9 Ways to Save On Energy Expenses in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City: Paper

According to the Energy Information Administration, if commercial and industrial spaces cut their energy usage by just 10%, they could save the economy a yearly average of nearly $20 billion!  Check out some information on saving energy by going paperless in your office:

Tip #5: Go Paperless

  • The Clean Air Council found that each American uses an average of 650 pounds of paper per year, and America on the whole disposes of enough paper annually to build a 12-foot wall from New York City to Los Angeles!  Help reduce that amount of paper and energy by asking yourself before you print a document or an email: Do I truly need this hard copy?  How long will I actually keep it?  Could I find an accessible place to save it on my computer?
  • Keep any reference guides or employee manuals on a common server or some sort of public hub instead of handing out hard copies.  This can potentially save you a lot of paper, and also ensures that employees will always have access to the most updated versions of these documents.
  • It is impossible to go completely paperless, so make sure that there are accessible recycle bins for employees to dispose of any paper waste.  Consider buying paper with a high percentage of recycled content and refilling ink cartridges instead of pitching them.  Set up printers to print double-sided if possible.

Save some money on paper and help reduce paper waste in general by implementing a few paperless strategies!

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