9 Ways to Save On Energy Expenses in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City: Stay Home

Did you know that about 17% of greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to commercial buildings?  Consider implementing some easy green business practices to save the environment and some money for your business:

 Tip #4: Work from Home

  • Though 40-hour work weeks seem to be standard, a more flexible schedule might actually serve your office staff and business purposes better—plus help reduce utility bills.  Think about trying out a four-day work week.  If this is not feasible for your business, try flexing schedules that allow people to take on more hours four days a week for at least part of Monday or Fridays off, or close down the office after lunch on Friday.
  • Telecommuting might also be an option for appropriate workers.  Educate employees on your company networks and experiment with allowing them to determine their own schedules.  Video chats or teleconferences can also be a way of reducing business travel (and business travel costs).
  • Though this might seem like too much flexibility at first glance, studies have shown that offices have increased productivity under these circumstances.  Flexible schedules often mean that workers have fewer experiences in which they have to take care of personal business on the job or take leave.

Allowing employees to do some work at home may seem like a major change for your business, but giving it a try has the potential to both increase productivity and reduce utility costs.

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