9 Ways to Save On Energy Expenses in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City: Vents

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency found that about 30% of the energy used by office buildings is used inefficiently?  Think of the money your business could save by reducing that number!  Here is some information on how to make sure your vents aren’t costing you unnecessary energy:

Tip #3: Check on Your Vents

•    Sometimes energy loss is a result of inefficient heating or cooling systems.  Investigate this in your building with easy questions: how is the circulation?  Are air ducts clean?  Do any clogged filters need to be replaced?  Regularly check the striping around office doors and windows for leaks and gaps—fixing leaks can cut up to 10% from your energy bill!
•    If you want to make bigger improvements, look to your HVAC system.  Sometimes water in the condenser tubes can leave a slimy buildup, reducing the air conditioner’s efficiency.  Occasionally treating this with chemical or ozone cleaning can keep your air conditioner running at top efficiency.  Or, instead of paying for continued maintenance, think of replacing outdated units with more energy efficient ones, which could reduce cooling costs by up to 50%.
•    If possible, paint an office building roof a lighter color or plant a rooftop garden to deflect the sun’s heat on warm days and increase your energy savings.

Look into your heating and cooling systems to make sure you are using them as efficiently as possible!

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