Analyzing Your Needs When Renting Office Space in Kansas

An important early step in finding office rental space is analyzing the needs of your company.  This can both help you narrow down your potential space options and prevent issues from arising later in your lease.  There are a few factors that you might consider as you prepare yourself for your search for a commercial rental space:

  • Your business’s corporate objectives.
  • The importance of building attributes such as image, location, service, and amenities to your company.
  • What you would like to see in your lease terms and what price range you are willing to consider.
  • Any legal parameters.
  • The size of offices, open areas, and any warehousing areas.
  • The size of common use areas, including copy, break, conference, and storage rooms.
  • What kind technological amenities your business might need.

At this stage of the rental process, pre-determining the square footage your business is looking for based on your needs can also be helpful in narrowing down potential rental spaces.  You might consider planning out in detail how your business will use a space.  This involves looking at each component of the space and asking yourself detailed questions about how you want it to look.  For instance, when you consider a reception area, you might think about whether you want a built-in desk, how many guest chairs you need, whether you want elevator exposure, etc.  Determining all of your needs in detail can make later steps in the rental process go a little more smoothly.

Give one of Southcreek’s commercial realtors in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100 to ask about how we can work with you to determine if our office rental space in Kansas City meets your business’s needs!


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