Checklist for Assessing an Office Space in Kansas City

Checklist for Assessing an Office Space in Kansas City

Once you have found a few office spaces to seriously consider, there are a few things you should look into before going any further in the process. Here are some suggested items to put on your checklist, as outlined in the article HOW TO: Choose the Right Office Space”:

  1. Space and layout. Take the time to lay out a mock version of how you would want your office space to work. Does your design work in this particular space? This exercise serves the dual purpose helping you evaluate whether this will be enough space and visualize how you will actually operate in a space – how you will divide it, how it might need to be modified, and how it fits the style of your business.
  2. Room for expansion. If you anticipate growth during the term of your lease, it is important to talk to the landlord about what your expansion options are in the event that you outgrow your original space.
  3. Decorations and modifications. Find out in advance how much you can do with the space, both in terms of bigger build-outs and simple decor choices, such as painting the space or putting things on the walls.
  4. Sound. It seems oddly specific, but be sure to check out the acoustics of a space, both whether it is too echoey inside and what kind of outside noise seeps in.

Make sure to make and use a checklist to really evaluate a space before you sign a lease!

If your business wants to calculate square footage needs, give a commercial real estate broker in Kansas City a call at 913-685-4100 for some help!


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