Checklist for Leasing Overland Park Office Space Part I

Business decisions should not be made impulsively.  Think about making a checklist like this to make sure a space will meet your business’s needs:

  1. Property Maintenance:  Is the park well maintained?  Parks that look run-down will not only hurt your business’s appearance, but may also be a sign that you will be dealing with an unresponsive landlord.
  2. Visibility to Customers:  If it is important that you attract street traffic, can the front of your office space be seen from the main road? Or does it have a sign advertising the businesses in the park that is street-visible?  Whether you are looking for a retail space, industrial space, or business park, it might be worth looking into whether the owner advertises on behalf of the tenants in order to draw in business.
  3. Parking:  Are there plenty of parking spaces?  Do not just visit the parking lot after-hours to tell; check it out at several different times on different days to get a good picture of the parking situation.  A parking lot that is typically full suggests a strong flow of customer traffic, but it could also mean that your customers will have difficulty finding spots, so find out how much parking your business will be assigned.
  4. Advertising Restrictions:  Are there any restrictions on signs such as color, size, lighting, or are you required to use the landlord’s vendor?

Consider these and other factors when you are looking at different business spaces!

If you would like to learn more about Southcreek’s Kansas City office space for rent, give Kathy Woodward at DDI Commercial a call at 913-685-4100!


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