Checklist for Leasing Overland Park Office Space Part II

Here are some more suggestions for a checklist your business might consider making before leasing a new office space:

5.    Handicapped Accessibility:  Is the space wheel-chair accessible with a reasonable amount of handicapped parking?  Legally, buildings have to have designated handicapped parking, so if you do not see any, ask the landlord why not, and if they are planning to add spaces.  A landlord could try to pass the cost of these kinds of additions and renovations onto their tenants.
6.    Safety and Insurance:  You will need general commercial liability insurance to move into most leased commercial spaces.  If you cannot get insurance after signing a lease, you might find yourself still stuck paying for that lease anyway.  Some specific safety questions you should ask include whether the area is safe and secure, whether it has ample and working nighttime lighting, are there alarm services or onsite guards, are there nearby police or fire departments, the location of the nearest fire hydrant, and whether there are smoke detectors and sprinklers in the building.  Concerns like these affect the safety of you and your customers as well as your ability to get insurance and the rates and coverage of that insurance.
7.    Restrictions on Business Use: Are there any restrictions on the type of retail business you can run, the hours or days of your business operation, or how many customers you can have per day?

Think about what will best help your business succeed and grow, and make your own checklist to aid your search for Kansas City office space for lease.

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