Checklist of Conditions for Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City Lease: Part III

Have you done a walk-through?  Talked to your landlord about any repairs that need to be made?  Read over the lease?  You are almost there!  It could not hurt to read the lease carefully again—this time with a checklist in mind to make sure that the lease covers anything you might have concerns about.  Here are a few final things to make sure your lease addresses:

  • What are the terms of renewal?  What will your rent increase be if you renew, and will you be required to sign a new lease after a certain amount of time?  Usually landlords make the renewal term the same amount of time as the original lease (i.e. a two-year lease would mean a two-year renewal option).
  • Specifically state in the lease any work you plan on doing to repair or improve the property.  Some landlords might give you credit for the work you do, but they will want to approve it first.  Other might not allow you to do anything unless you use their contractors.
  • Look closely at anything the landlord has promised to do or not do.  You do not want to leave things at an “oral” agreement, because proving these terms were agreed upon can be extremely difficult, so be sure these terms are written into the lease.
  • Any other specific terms you have asked to be a part of the lease.

If any of these items are not included in the lease, request that they are written into the lease before you sign it, and make sure that you fully understand all of the terms of the lease!

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