Checklist of Questions When Looking For a New Office Space in Overland Park

Looking for a new business space for rent in Overland Park?  Ask yourself this list of questions to make sure you are on track in your search for the perfect office space for your business:

  1. What location or locations best serves my clients/customers?  Think about both your current and prospective clients when finding a new space: will current clients follow you to a new location?  How will doing business in a new place affect your attainment of new clients?  Don’t forget that your business location will have an effect on your current employees, as well as your future labor pool for staffing needs down the road.
  2. How long of a lease is best for my business?  When considering this question, think about the potential growth your company could experience in the next few years.  If your growth is hard to predict, you might want to try for a short-term lease, but the downside of signing a short-term lease is changing rental rates.  You might be able to find a long-term lease with an option for expansion that could accommodate your business’s potential growth.  Long term leases are typically ideal when rental prices for real estate are low but predicted to rise.  Short-term leases mean that your business will have to move frequently, which costs time and money.  Know a little bit about the pros and cons of short versus long-term leases before you sign a contract.

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