Chiefs Tickets for Sale through Southcreek Office Park

If you are looking to get to some football games this fall, check out the opportunity in the Southcreek Office Park newsletter to purchase season tickets for the Chiefs this fall.  Here is some more information about these available tickets:

  • Club level – 4 great seats for 10 home games
  • Seats are in section 202, row 3, seats 9-12
  • Parking in Gold Lot (M)
  • The owner is willing to sell 2 or 4 tickets for the games – each with a parking pass
  • Seats are $276 each, parking passes are $45 each
  • Total for 2 tickets + parking pass = $597
  • Total for 4 tickets + parking pass = $1194

The following games are still available:

  • vs San Francisco 49ers – 8/16/13
  • vs Green Bay Packers – 8/29/13
  • vs Houston Texans – 10/20/13
  • vs Cleveland Browns – 10/27/13
  • vs San Diego Chargers – 11/24/13
  • vs Indianapolis Colts – 12/22/13

You must pay in full with cash/cashier’s check, or via PayPay by credit card (but the buyer incurs PayPal fees).  If you are interested, please contact Jill at Jill333 [at]!

Give Kathy Woodward at DDI Commercial a call at 913-685-4100 to learn more about our available Kansas City office space for lease!


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