Choosing a Kansas City Office Space: Step 3

Choosing an office space location for your business is a process that requires time and careful research.  There are several things to be taken care of before you even begin your search for a space, the first being to determine your business’s needs.  Once you figure out what it is your business absolutely must have in a space, the next step is to take a look at your budget, assessing not only what kind of rent you can afford, but also factoring in any extra costs or financial incentives that might be tied to particular spaces.  The next major step in finding a location for your business is doing some research on the areas you are considering:

Find Out if the Area is Business Friendly

Having an awareness of the laws and regulations that will apply to your business in a specific area is extremely important.  As your business grows, it might be worth it to work with a small business counselor or specialist.  Often state government and local communities offer various programs and support options to small business, and many states even have online tools to help small business owners launch and develop their businesses.  Some examples of programs that support small business are the SBA Offices, Women’s Business Centers, Small Business Development Centers, and other government-funded options.

The bottom line when choosing an office space location is to do some research.  Talk to other business owners on the property and potential co-tenants.  Check in with the small business community and utilize all resources available, such as demographic data provided by the government.  All of these things can help you reach the best location decision for your business.

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