Clauses to Look at When Negotiating a Lease for a Kansas City Office Space

There are several different types of leases, so before you even begin to negotiate the lease contract, make sure you have an idea of what lease conditions will best suit your business, a topic discussed further in the article: Negotiate the Lease Contract.

You will want to start by both thinking about how long of a lease term you are looking for and making a list of provisions that would be best for your business.  If you choose a short term lease, you will have the opportunity to change demands within just a few years, but a long term lease means that you are secure in your space for a long period of time.  Negotiations might seem like an endless process, but do not hurt your business in the long run by allowing yourself to be stuck with a lease that is not as favorable for your business as it could be.  Do a little research and enter negotiations with some knowledge of at few basic clauses that you should be wary of, as well as ones that will be favorable to your business:

Unfavorable Clauses:

  • Making a personal guarantee in your lease
  • Assignment Clauses
  • Permitted Use Clause
  • Relocation Clause
  • Changes in rental rates based on the CPI
  • Limitations on Office Space Improvements.

Be aware of the ways that these different provisions could be harmful to your business.

Favorable Clauses

  •     An Exclusion Clause
  •     Defining the boundaries of a space
  •     Terms of security
  •     Etc.

These are additional terms that you might want to propose in negotiations to help your business.

Think about the possible terms you will come across and be sure you understand how they could help or harm your business!

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