Co-Working vs. Traditional Office Space in Overland Park, KS

Co-Working vs. Traditional Office Space in Overland Park, KS

A lot of businesses are experimenting with new office space models, ranging from remote offices, to hot desking, to co-working spaces. For businesses who want to keep their offices fully occupied, here are two different options to try, each with their pros and cons: the co-working space versus the traditional office model. Below are some details on each, as described in the article “The 21st Century Debate: Remote vs. Office vs. Co-Working”:

Co-Working Space

A co-working space is a great option for businesses who have extra space that they want to do something with. Provided that their lease allows them to sublet, they can rent out this space to very small businesses or freelancers who just need a desk. These tenants could belong to a variety of different businesses and not even be in the same industry.

The benefit of this option is that it is a good financial arrangement for all parties – freelancers or small businesses can more easily afford this kind of space, and you can reduce your rent costs by making sure that no spaces in your office sit empty. The mixture of potentially different industries can also lead to interesting relationships and insight that might not be possible when everyone in the office is in the same field.

However, the downside of co-working is the possibility of a dysfunctional environment if employees and renters do not get along, which can negatively affect productivity and creativity for your business.

Traditional Office Space

While companies like Facebook and Google are very visible examples of non-traditional office spaces, the tradition space is still the dominant mode in the U.S. In this setup, collaboration between employees is easy, and the arrangement is ideal for employee-client interactions. Management can also more easily monitor employee performance and encourage teamwork.

The drawback of this option, besides the usual distractions that can come from colleagues working in close proximity to each other, is the expense, since your business has to shoulder the cost of the entire office space alone.

What works for your business depends on your financial situation and the work habits of your employees. If what you are doing right now is not working as well as you would like, don’t be afraid to change things up and try a new model!

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