Comparing Responses to a Proposal for an Office Space Lease in Overland Park: Part II

When you are in the initial phases of finding a new office space for your business, it is important to give yourself options.  Once you have written proposals to a number of landlords, take some time to compare their responses to gather some objective data on how the different spaces meet your needs and fit in your budget.  Here are a few more points of comparison, as suggested in the article, Proposal Responses:

  •     Lease Length.  It is important to consider how long you would like to lease a space and what kind of clauses in the lease landlords are suggesting.  If you are a growing business, you will want to look for options that allow you to begin with a short lease term with options to renew or possibly expand into surrounding space.
  •     Operating Expense Histories.  You can glean some useful information about a potential space by asking for a three year history of their operating expenses.  Unless there have been obvious issues such as increases in energy costs, insurance issues, or maintenance contract negotiations, a well-well run and stable business should have pretty consistent operating expenses from year to year.

Take some time to evaluate your responses objectively before you move forward in choosing a space!

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