Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Employee Comfort at Your Overland Park Office Space

The studies are becoming more and more prominent – cubicles, a longtime favorite office layout, might actually have a negative effect on productivity. While cubicles, especially in an open office plan, put workers and a shared space, they’re not necessarily the best way to promote collaboration. Most businesses don’t have the money to completely overhaul their office space, So here are a few tips for improving employee satisfaction and motivation in cubicles without overspending, as suggested in the article “6 Inexpensive Ways to Help Employees Escape the Cubicle Crush”:

#1 Create Public and Private Spaces

Because cubicles are somewhere in between public and private spaces, it might help people to designate spaces that are clearly collaborative and clearly more private. For collaborative spaces, push together some tables in the middle of an open office space so that people can sit and work together on projects. While not everyone can have a private office, having a few private rooms available where people can spend a few hours or even a day to really get some work done might allow employs to escape cubicle-land if they really need to focus on something.

#2 Encourage Mobility

As long as work gets done, does it really matter where employees do it? Allow employes to leave the premises and work in a coffee shop or library for a few hours, or just head to the cafeteria to escape the office space for a bit. Even consider allowing some flextime for employees to work on a specific project from home, but be sure to set clear goals and timeframes beforehand.

#3 Check the Noise

One of the biggest complaints people have about cubicles is that they can be too noisy – not only in terms of talking, but just general background sounds like phones ringing. Encourage employees to turn their ringers off, consider adding white noise like a fan for a consistent backdrop, or even allow employees to use noise canceling headphones if they have no other escape options.

#4 Monitor Temperature

Something this simple can really affect employees’ workday experience – particularly if they feel like they are freezing every day in the office. Try to keep the temperature at an even 69 degrees to keep people comfortable and productive

It might not be possible to avoid cubicles in your office, but try a few of these inexpensive ways to make your employees workday more comfortable and productive!

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