Creating an Environment of Fairness in Your Kansas City Office Space

Employees want to know that they are working for people who are going to handle their concerns fairly.  Here are a few tips for showing your employees that this is a priority of yours as well, as suggested in the article, “Four Ways to Foster Fairness in the Workplace“:

  1. Give equal opportunities for recognition.  Giving recognition unequally can quickly create a negative work environment.  Be aware of how and when you are recognizing employees, especially if you are dealing with multiple sites, and be prepared to adapt—for instance, by holding separate awards celebrations at each site.
  2. Give professional development feedback.  One thing that can create bad blood among employees is the sense that promotions were handed out unfairly.  A successful way of addressing this is by giving frequent feedback to employees.  You might also balance this out with the opportunity for employees to give feedback on management.
  3. Work for transparency.  This is particularly applicable to the compensation system and demonstrates your commitment to fair pay.  Consider constructing statements for your employees that lays out all of their compensation: salary, benefits, bonuses, etc.
  4. Offer a fair process for expressing grievances.  This goes along with allowing for upward feedback.  Create an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns, and make sure they understand the process as well as your commitment to hearing those concerns.

Developing a fair environment will contribute to your employees’ satisfaction and ultimately reduce the number of “that’s not fair” grumblings you have to handle.

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