Creating Competition When Renegotiating a Small Office Lease in Kansas City

Some of the steps to negotiating a lease renewal with a lower rent involve starting negotiations early and doing some research on statistics about the area, but another good renegotiation strategy involves shopping around and creating a little competition for your business.

Before you approach your landlord with a request for proposal, shop around and find a few other available spaces that could be a fit for your company.  Send both your current landlord and the other landlords’ requests for proposal.

Take these other requests seriously, even if you would prefer your own space, because they could help you if your negotiations with your current landlord become difficult.  Don’t keep your looking around a secret; let all parties know that you are considering all options, which will alert them that they have to compete for your business.

Continue serious negotiations with all of the prospective landlords up until you finalize your new lease.  Tell them all that the first one to produce a lease that you like will be the one that gets your business.  This move will speed up the whole process.

Even if you truly do want to stay in your current space, seriously looking around at other spaces has no downside.  Either you find a better lease for your business or you could potentially spur your current landlord to cut you a better deal.

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