Critical Terms For Your Small Office Lease in Kansas City

Though each commercial lease is different, there are many terms that are typically addressed in commercial real estate leases.  You will want to pay attention to these items; here is a list of several common ones:

  • Lease Length – (also referred to as the lease term), when the lease begins and if you have an option to renew.
  • Rent – know about allowable increases (also known as escalations) and how your landlord will compute them.  Also know whether your rent covers insurance, maintenance, and property taxes (a gross lease); or if you will be charged separately for each of these items (a net lease).
  • Space Measurements – Exactly what space are you renting?  Does it include common areas such as rest rooms, elevators, and hallways?  How is the landlord measuring the space?  It is important to be aware that sometimes measurements include the thickness of walls.
  • Signage – Find out specifications for what kind of signs you may have and where you may put them.

If you do not know anything about commercial leases, being familiar with basic terms like these can help prepare you for what to expect as you begin to look for a new office rental space.

If you are interested in commercial space for lease in Overland Park, an area with easy access to many amenities and services that could help your business, give a commercial real estate broker in Overland Park a call today at 913-685-4100 to find out about our available spaces!


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