Designing Your Office Rental Space in Overland Park

If you are getting ready to set up a new office, you might want to put some thought into how you arrange your furniture.  Here are a few tips that might help you decide how you want to set up your personal office:

  1. Do Not Sit With Your Back to the Door.  If you can avoid this, it might help improve your privacy.  Placing your computer in the front corner of your workspace will allow you to face the door as you work, which will prevent passerby from seeing your screen, and you will be able to see visitors as they come into your office and avoid the problem of anyone sneaking up on you during your work day.
  2. Add a 48” Bridge.  A bridge connects your desk to your credenza and gives you more workspace.  Getting a 48” bridge (versus the old standard 42”) will give you more room for your chair and a little more desk space.
  3. Do Not Put File Drawers Directly Behind You.  This will prevent the hassle of moving your chair out of the way every time you need to get something out of a drawer.  Avoid this productivity killer if possible.
  4. Add Grommets.  Having an easily accessible place to run electrical cords through will improve any office design.  A few good places to put grommets include the front corner of the desk so you can run computer cords under the desk from there or on your credenza so you can put your printer there and keep it out of the way.

If you want to talk more about commercial space for rent in Overland Park and how we can help meet your office rental and configuration needs, give our commercial realtors in Overland Park a call at 913-685-4100!


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