Determining Office Size for an Office Space in Kansas City: Part II

commercial real estate broker in Overland ParkDetermining the amount of office space your business will need requires consideration of several factors.  Here are a few more to think about as you search for a space that will be a comfortable, smart, and financially feasible location for your business (also, if you missed Part I – here it is):

Area Layout
How do you want to arrange your office?  Do you need a reception or waiting area, a conference room, a break area, extra storage, or open office space?  Estimating the necessary size of open office space can be challenging, but picturing necessary elements of this space in scale can make the task easier.  For instance, if you know that 15 employees work in cubes, then think about the size of each cube.  Here are some guidelines for standard cube sizes:

  • Supervisor’s Workstation – (100 sq. ft.)
  • Standard Cubicle- (48 sq. ft.)
  • Small Cubicle – (25 sq. ft.)

Special Arrangements
You will also want to consider things like parking arrangements.  The typical preset ratio landlords use for parking spaces is 4:1000 four parking spaces for every 1,000 SF you lease.  Check out the space’s parking lot to see if it appears to have adequate parking.  If you have doubts, talk to the leasing representative for the space.  Next, think about any special requirements such as reserved parking for top management, parking garages, and handicap access.

Check back for a few final factors to consider as you determine what sized Kansas City office space for rent your business needs.

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