Determining Office Size for an Office Space in Kansas City: Part III

small office lease in Kansas CityYou can ease some of the stress of determining the amount office space you need by considering a few important factors.  Here are a few final ones to think about:

Conference Rooms
Adequate space in conference rooms is essential.  Think about how many people are typically invited to meetings.  A good rule is to allow for 20-25 SF per seat, which will help ensure adequate space per employee.  Here are some guidelines for estimating conference room dimensions:

  • Board Room – (375 sq. ft.) Holds 15 to 18 people
  • Conference Room – (300 sq. ft.) Holds 12 to 15 people
  • Small Meeting Room – (225 sq. ft.) Holds 9 to 11 people

You might also consider sharing resources such as conference rooms or break rooms with other tenants on the property, though be sure to look into lease types and terms before making that decision.

Future Growth
A final factor to consider is the growth of your business; you want to aim for a space that will accommodate all of the personal projected through the midterm of the lease.  A common calculation used for projecting future growth is simply adding 10-20% to the current needed square footage.  However, bear in mind that growth can vary by industry and a variety of other factors, so talk to the landlord about the possibility of expanding in the building during your lease term.

Pinpointing your business’s needs, especially in regards to space, is the most important part of finding a new office space.  Be sure to consider factors such as personnel, area layout, special arrangements, conference rooms, and future growth as you calculate square footage!

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