Different Office Layouts for Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City

Trying to figure out how best to configure your office rental space?  Here are a few different office layouts to give you some ideas as you consider how to best use your space:

  1. Traditional.  This is the typical office layout involving doors, walls, and cubicles.  Partitions can be set up in the open area for support staff and other lower level employees, while top level company officers usually occupy corner offices with windows, more privacy, and often more square footage.
  2. Cubicle.  This is often used in companies with large numbers of middle-management level workers.  Open office space is divided by partitions into rows of spaces separated by isles for employees to move through and be able to communicate with one another.  Each cubicle typically has a desk with a computer and a phone and is usually occupied by one employee, but could house two or three.
  3. Open.  This plan is often found in creative environments (i.e. design companies).  The benefit of this layout is increased communication among staff members.  Often staff members do not have their own individual desk, computer, or phone in this plan, and conference areas are generally set up on the outer walls of the open office space.
  4. “Hot Desk.”  This type of layout is a late 20th century phenomenon.  With this arrangement, two or more employees share the same space at different times of day or on different days of the week, maximizing the amount of people who can use an office space.

There are many different ways to layout an office to best suit your company’s needs, and South Creek Overland Park is willing to work with you to arrange your space to best meet those needs, so give one of our commercial real estate brokers in Overland Park a call and tell us what you are looking for: 913-685-4100!


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