Does Your Potential Office Rental Space in Overland Park Have the Appropriate Facilities? Part II

There are so many different factors to consider when relocating your business to a new office space, but it is important to make sure a potential space meets your basic facility needs.  If a space does not have the minimum amenities that you need, or a landlord is not willing to pay for those amenities, it could be a poor financial decision for your business to foot the cost of adapting the space.  Here are a few more factors to look for as you consider whether a space will meet your needs:


Sufficient parking is typically a concern for most businesses.  If a large percentage of your business’s customers will come to you by car, you need to make sure that a space has adequate parking, or begin looking elsewhere.  Often the zoning board or city planning will not even let you operate in a space if you do not have enough parking.

Zoning Regulations

A final consideration is checking on the legality of what you plan to do there.  You might find the perfect location for attracting customers, but if that building is not zoned for the business you plan to do there, your business will run into trouble.  Never sign a lease without being positive that you will receive permission to operate your business in the space.

Before you get too attached to a particular location, make sure it is legally and practically possible for your business to operate there!

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