Does Your Potential Office Rental Space in Overland Park Have the Appropriate Facilities?

Sometimes a deciding factor when choosing an office space is not its location, but the building facilities.  Facilities need to be either appropriate for or adaptable to what you want to do at your location.  For instance, if you want to open a coffee shop, you will need some sort of kitchen area.  If you cannot convince a landlord to make those kinds of adjustments for you, it will most likely not be worth it to pay for it yourself.  Here are a few things you should make sure a space has before you seriously consider moving into it:

Electricity and Heating/Cooling

It seems like a simple thing, but do not overlook electrical power as a factor in choosing an office space.  Be sure that the space has enough power to meet your needs, both in terms of circuit capacity and amount of outlets.  If your business uses sensitive computer equipment, talk to the landlord about how many hours of air conditioning your lease includes, and negotiate for longer hours if needed.

Communications Wiring

In the age of technology, another important consideration is having modern phone and other data lines available in your office space.  Find out specific information about the type of communications wiring, as well as who has the rights to the risers (wire conduits) in your space.  Sometimes landlords enter into contracts with specific providers, and bringing in a different one could be expensive.

Look into these things before signing a lease for a space, because bringing in these amenities yourself could be pricey for your business.

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