Entertainment Possibilities in Your Kansas City Office Space

Office DesignBefore you wonder what place entertainment could possibly have in the office, consider the effect that healthy stress relieving opportunities throughout the day can have on mood and productivity.  Employees typically expect to arrive at work, sit down at a desk, and stare at a computer screen all day, with nothing but a few meetings to break up the tedium, but it is becoming more apparent that office building workers are wanting more than just a cubicle for a computer.  Here are some ways you can help your employees relieve a little stress during their workday:

  • Art – installing art works can help lower your employees’ stress revels.  Studies have shown that viewing art can have a significant effect on mood improvement and general state of mind.
  • Fitness Options – Even if it is just a small space for a few pieces of equipment, it can go a long way.  People are always actively trying to pursue healthy lifestyles, and going to a gym is a major component of this.  By bringing the gym to them, you will help increase energy and productivity among your staff.  Even something like an outdoor path can give people the chance to get a brief workout in during the day and boost their overall mood and energy.
  • Rest Time – allowing employees to take a short rest during the day to either nap or play some sort of game with colleagues can also be a productivity booster.  Having a rest area or a lounge is a great way to create a more inviting corporate culture that people look forward to being a part of everyday.

Think about implementing some of these changes to boost mood and productivity in your office!

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