Evaluating Your Employees in Your Office Rental Space in Kansas City

As a small business owner, it is important for you to know how each and every one of your employees is contributing to your business, whether they’re being productive and fulfilling expectations and goals. In order to have an accurate measurement of this, it is necessary to evaluate employees regularly throughout the year, even if you only meet with them for a performance review once a year. Here are a few factors to consider as you observe employees throughout the year, as suggested in the article “Keeping Tabs on Employee Performance: 5 Key Factors to Measure”:

#1 Adherence to Expectations

An obvious thing to measure is whether employees are adhering to the terms laid out in their contract. Do they respect company policies? Deviations from various obligations might suggest that employees aren’t performing at the level your business needs.

#2 Work Quality

Another thing to consider is the quality of the work the employee is producing, whether this is in sales, marketing, or in some other department. Do they produce quality work efficiently? Or are several rounds of revisions necessary? This can be a good indicator of an employee’s overall performance.

#3 Self-presentation and Habits

Does the employee follow  the dress code, or do you need to consistently have conversations with them about what is work appropriate? Does the employee have some bad habits, such as using computers for social networking, taking excessively long breaks, gossiping, or having regular or petty conflicts with other coworkers? Be clear up front about with the rules and expectations are, then check to see if the employee respects these expectations.

#4 Consistant Punctuality

One simple thing to consider is whether or not an employee shows up on time for work each day. If they consistently come to the office late, take an excessive number of personal days, or just generally do not contribute their share of the work, this could have a damaging effect on the entire office by over-straining other employees.

It is important to create a supportive and positive environment for your employees, but any business also needs a certain amount of accountability for it to function at its full potential. Make sure that your business is at the level it should be by regularly tracking employees’ performance.

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