Extra Expenses to Watch Out for in Your Office Space Lease in Overland Park

Do not think that the cost of your office space stops at just the rent.  There are almost always extra expenses, depending on your type of lease, so be aware of the financial commitment you are getting yourself into.  Here are a few things to be aware of, as described in the article, “How to Get a Good Deal on a Lease“:

General Expenses

Landlords will typically try to pass on extra costs to tenants, including the financial burden of taxes, insurance, and general operating expenses.


One type of operating expense that landlords will hold you responsible for is Common Area Maintenance (CAM).  The cost of maintaining these spaces is divided up among tenants usually based on their share of the total space.  These spaces usually include the lobby, parking lot, stairwells, and restrooms.


In addition to general maintenance, landlords usually try to put the cost of repairs (besides ones to the roof, parking lot, or exterior walls) on tenants.  This could include repairing heating and cooling systems, which is a big financial burden, so be sure to investigate what repairs you are responsible for and the state of equipment in your space before signing the lease.

Be aware of how much you will be paying in added expenses before committing to a lease!

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