Finding Office Spaces for Rent in Overland Park, KS: 5 Tips for a Small Business Moving to a Professional Office Space

1379 SF of Office Rental Space in Kansas City Available in Building II at Southcreek Office ParkMoving out of the home and into a professional office space for rent in Overland Park, KS, is a big step for a startup business. This upgrade can be both a source of angst and excitement as you navigate trying to find a space that meets your needs and is within your price range. As you begin this search, make sure you are equipped with the right tools to get the best possible deal. Check out these tips on finding the best space for your growing business, as suggested in the article “7 Expert Tips on Finding the Perfect Office Space for Your Startup”:

#1 Calculate Space

The first step in finding the best possible office space for rent in Overland Park for your business is to determine how much space you really need. Different experts give different numbers, but one good baseline calculation is to allow about 1000 square feet per four employees. Remember that there are options for making your space more flexible, such as allowing some employees to work from home and thus share desks, or creating various work areas for different purposes if you have employees with laptops who can be mobile.

#2 Consider Employees

When selecting a new space, you always want to consider the effect it will have on your employees. Will they have to travel father to get to this space? Are there good parking or public transport options? Choosing a location that suits your workforce will help you keep good employees around.

#3 Check Up On Your Landlord

A bad landlord can have a really negative impact on your time in a space, so make sure you do your homework to get a read on the landlord of a property. Start by talking to other tenants in the building to see how the landlord deals with problems, and you should be able to make some judgments when you visit a space based on how well-maintained it is.

#4 Find a Good Agent

When looking for an agent to work with, it is always best to go with someone who comes with a good recommendation. This person is going to be one of your biggest assets in negotiating a good lease, so you want someone that a friend or collague can vouch for. At the very least, do a little research on potential agents on sites like Zillow or LinkedIn.

#5 Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!

Don’t take anything at face value when negotiating your lease, including the rental rate. Often businesses can negotiate down the listed rent by 5 to 20%, or ask for a period of free rent – for example, one month of free rent for every year of your lease. Try for what you can, and know that worst case scenario the landlord simply says no.

If you are a small business finally moving out of the home and into a professional Kansas office space for rent, try to break down the big process into manageable pieces – determining how much space you need, what effect the move will have on your employees, finding a good agent and then landlord, and negotiating anything you can in your lease. Performing due diligence in your search for a space can really shape the course of your business in the long run!

If your business is trying to rent office space in Overland Park, give us a call at 913-685-4100 to find out more about our available office space for lease in Overland Park, KS, or to set up a tour of one of our spaces!


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