Four Potential Cons of Joining a Co-working Office Space in Kansas City

There are a lot of benefits to renting a co-working space, especially for startup companies, including the connections you can make, the money can save, and the overall solidarity and creative energy of a collaborative environment. However, you should also be aware of the cons of this option as well. They might not be so detrimental as to prevent you from pursuing this option, but it is important to be prepared and decide in advance how you will handle these potential downsides. Here are a few factors to consider, as suggested in the article “The Reasons For and Against Joining a Co-Working Space”:

#1 Cost

Despite the fact that the cost of a co-working space is less than that of an actual lease, this option can still be expensive, especially for entrepreneurs trying to pinch pennies as they get their business off the ground. Carefully consider your monthly expenses and what will be most cost efficient for your business in the long run before signing up for space.

#2 Disputes

When you’re sharing space with people from other companies, conflicts can sometimes be an unavoidable part of work life. Ideally, you will find group that meshes well together, but if you do have conflicts within your space it is important to make an effort to be polite and mature in seeking resolutions.

#3 Proximity to Competitors

You might find yourself in the occasionally uncomfortable situation of working with a direct competitor. If this happens, just stay focused on your own work. Ideally, you could even turn a competitor to someone you can collaborate with if you are both like-minded and headed in the same direction.

#4 Social Distractions

While collaborative environments can have great energy, they can also potentially be distracting if too much socializing takes the place of productivity. Focus on only socializing during breaks, and consider a change of scenery if you find yourself too easily pulled from your work.

There are a lot of benefits to joining a co-working space, but it is also important to bear in mind that there are downsides. If you go into a co-working space fully aware of that pros and cons awaiting you, you can be more prepared to take advantage of the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

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