Getting Started in a New Overland Park Office Space

There are a lot of regulatory, legal, and financial steps involved in starting or moving a business to any new state, city, or town.  You will need to do things like find the right bank, get any licenses and permits, register your business, formalize the structure of your business in that state, and more.  Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there that can help you manage that process, including e-government tools that you can find online.  Here are a few state-by-state specific items that are usually covered by government resources that you should check for as you begin your move:

  • Checklists for Starting a Business in a State – You will want to find out all of the legal steps associated with starting a new business in a new state.
  • Operating a Business in a State – Look up information related to running a business, including tax requirements, state employment laws, licenses, and more.
  • Training and Assistance for Small Businesses by State – Look into SCORE, local SBA offices, and any business assistance links that are available for women or minority owned businesses if applicable to you.
  • City and County Information – Find out any additional information about doing business at the most local levels of your new area.

Know what information to look for as you move or start a business in a new state!

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