How to Calculate Square Footage for Your Office Rental Space

One of the most exciting, but potentially stressful parts of renting an office space is planning the space. It is important to know exactly what your requirements are for a space before signing a lease. If you rent too much space, you will be depleting financial resources for space you don’t need, but if you rent to little, your office will feel crowded and your business won’t have room to grow.   Here are a few simple ways to determine how much office space is right for your business, as suggested in the article “How Many Square Feet Do I Need for my Office?”:

Number of Employees

If you have a more administrative staff, you might look for a space that is 60-100 square feet, but if you have a more C-level staff, you might need a space that is 250-400 square feet. In addition to considering how many employees you have, you will want to think about the supplies and equipment that each employee requires, as well as any space you might need for visitors.

Storage Space

Don’t forget to plan for any storage space you might need. You can save a lot of space by putting documents on external hard drives, but you will probably still need a few file cabinets, plus some space for a server, office supplies and employee’s belongings, such as coats in the winter.

Common Space

Consider common spaces such as reception areas, break rooms, conference rooms, and restrooms. Plan for that ahead of time, so that you do not find yourself without a place for employees to eat lunch or a place for customers to sit and wait.


If your business has been doing very well, consider the possibility that you may need to expand into more space in the near future or hire more employees. Try to either plan ahead for that office space or talk to your landlord about a lease clause that will allow you to expand into more space on the property if you need to.

Be sure to take the time to plan ahead when considering how much office space your business needs! Remember that too much space can be a financial drain, but too little could potentially hold your business back from achieving maximum growth.

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