How to Design a Multigenerational Office Space in Kansas

How to Design a Multigenerational Office Space in Kansas

In today’s office space, it is common to have multiple generations working side by side—an experience that can be both fruitful and challenging. Because of these generational gaps and differences in preferences, business owners are having to factor this dynamic into their choice and design of an office space. Here are a few things to know about generational office space preferences and how to find or design a space in which all employees can thrive, as described in the article “All Together Now: Designing an Office for Different Generations”:

Changes Through Generations 

Baby Boomers working in the 1980s preferred a more formal and structured office layout, and as a lot of this generation is still in the workforce, it is important to consider their needs. Later decades ushered in a shift towards personal technology, flexibility, and less of a defined hierarchy in a space. Even more recent trends have placing emphasis on the importance of design and how workers interact with a space, with trends leading towards more spatial openness, culminating in the Millennial mentality of offices becoming a hub of collaboration, technology, and flexibility.

Accommodating Several Generations in an Office Space

One of the best ways to accommodate all of these different trends and preferences is to allow people to have space that they can personalize. Younger generations tend to feel the need to brand their space and make it their own, whereas older generations prefer a less personal, more corporate setting.

Office Space Design Trends

One of the practical factors to be considered when trying to create an environment suitable for multiple generations is the physical layout of the office—cubicles or open space with tables? Coffee bars or conference rooms? The things that most businesses are looking for are spaces that can be multi-purpose—meeting rooms that can transform into yoga studios during lunch. Having a space with a lot of options and different purposes can allow for both community and privacy, meeting the needs of various generations and personality types.

If you’re moving into a new office space and your business employees people of different generations, think about how you can design a space that best maximizes the comfort and the potential for collaboration between all employees!

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