Information to Include in a Counter Offer for Office Space in Kansas: Part II

A counter offer is a chance to make a sales pitch to a landlord, both asking them to select you as a tenant over other interested parties and to concede to your terms.  Here are a few more tips on what to include in a successful counter offer letters:

The Nature of Your Business.  Tell the landlord what you do, and be concise and to the point.  Landlords need this information in case the nature of your business requires special considerations.  For instance, they need to know if you use hazardous materials, store extremely valuable items, or have walk-in patients as a healthcare facility, in case of property use restrictions.  Be honest, because what you do as a tenant can affect the property value and insurance rates of a landlord.

Contact Information.  This includes a phone number where you can be reached and an email address.  Let them know if you can only be reached on specific days or during certain hours.

Your Counter Offer.  Most importantly, you will want to include your proposed terms, and be as clear and thorough as possible.

Check back to later posts to find out more about what to include specifically in your proposed counter offer terms, but remember it is equally important to include all of these other details to best represent your business to a landlord and to facilitate the negotiation process as smoothly as possible.

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