Information to Include in a Counter Offer for Office Space in Kansas

A counter offer letter is both a chance to ask for different terms that are better for your business and for you to show the landlord that your business is the best choice over other potential tenants.  Here is some information that you should typically include in a counter offer letter:

Your Business’s Name.  Both the name that you are legally established under and any other names you might be doing business under.

The Structure of Your Business.  Let a landlord know where you are incorporated, if you are incorporated, or tell them if you are a tax-exempt organization.  Landlords rarely offer nonprofit organizations freebies or perks just for a tax write-off, but they may be inclined to negotiate or lease with an organization with a noble cause over other potential tenants.

The Age of Your Business.  If you have only been in business less than two years, you might want to give the landlord some information about your success so far, or your projections for future growth.  A landlord might be unlikely to rent to your business without a personal guarantee if you cannot provide some evidence that your business has been doing well.

Check back to a later post for some more important pieces of a good counter offer!

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