Kansas City Office Space Tips for the Best Landlord-Tenant Relationship: During Move-In

Before you even sign a lease it is important to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding with your landlord.  The importance of that good relationship and further opportunity to cultivate it continues as you move into your office space.  Here are some further tips for developing a good landlord-tenant relationship during the move-in process:

Tip #3: Perform a Walk Through and Keep Track of All Issues
Performing a walk through before moving in allows you and your landlord to get on the same page about any issues up front.  If there are any damages or problems later in your tenancy, a record of issues before you moved in will help avoid a “they said/we said” liability situation.

Tip #4: Know How to Contact Your Landlord
If there are issues that arise late at night or on weekends (i.e. plumbing issues or property damage), you need to know how to get in touch with your landlord immediately to resolve them.  This will both help resolve issues faster and avoid potential tension caused by unresolved major problems with the rental space.

Working together with your landlord to prevent problems down the line can prevent some of the stress that comes if any major issues do ever arise.  Your landlord will respect and appreciate your effort to work with them to ensure problems get resolved efficiently and fairly.

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