Kansas City Office Space Tips for the Best Landlord-Tenant Relationship: During Tenancy

Here are a few final tips to consider when trying to build a good relationship with your landlord during your tenancy:

Tip #5: Pay Rent on Time or Notify Your Landlord Immediately if There’s an Issue
This seems like an obvious tip, but it is surprising how often business can forget or neglect to pay rent on time, which can lead to an ugly situation with your landlord.  So pay your rent on time or even early if you can, or else notify your landlord ASAP if you are for some reason unable to pay your rent on time.

Tip #6: Always Be Reasonable and Courteous
It benefits no one to lose your cool in the face of problems with your tenancy, so remember to always be reasonable and respectful with any inquiries, requests, issues, etc. and the landlord will do the same in return.  Remember that if you are a good tenant the landlord will want to keep your business, but there is always a give and take involved in establishing a relationship based on kindness, respect, and courtesy from both parties.

Performing what is expected of you in a lease, practicing good communication, and showing a little respect and courtesy can go a long way when dealing with a landlord.  Just doing these simple things can help make your relationship with your landlord an asset to your business instead of a source of stress.

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