Kansas City Office Space

What is a simple way to avoid some of the frustrations of dealing renting Kansas City office space for the first time?  Preparation.  Knowing a little bit of the vocabulary used by commercial real estate agents can help you stay on top of the process and more effectively communicate with landlords and real estate agents.  Here are a few terms that might help small business owners as they look into commercial office rental:

1.    Gross lease: A type of property lease in which the landlord takes care of all property expenses included in ownership of a space, such as taxes, utilities, and maintenance.
2.    Triple net lease (NNN lease): A type of property lease in which you, the lessee, pays a set rental charge and covers property expenses, including maintenance.
3.    Percentage lease: A type of lease in which costs are determined by the percentage of the volume of sales made at that property.
4.    Usable area: The part of an office or floor of a building that can be occupied by a tenant, measured from permanent wall to permanent wall.
5.    Rentable area: The area within an office that can be used, which includes shared areas of the building and floor such as corridors, lobbies, closets, restrooms, etc.

These and other terms can be helpful to know as you begin your search for office space for rent in Kansas City!

If you would like to talk to one of Southcreek Office Park’s commercial real estate agents about our executive suites in Kansas City, give us a call at 913-685-4100!


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