Kansas Office Space For Rent: 4 Parking Questions to Answer

While parking might not seem like a top priority in your search for office space for lease Overland Park, KS, it does merit some consideration. This easily forgettable necessity can impact the number of customers who can access your building, so if you are looking for Kansas office space for rent here are a few ways that you can make sure your parking needs are met at your commercial property in Overland Park, KS, as suggested in the article “Transportation Options for Office Spaces”:

#1 Is there enough parking for employees?

One thing that absolutely can’t happen is not having enough space for employees when you move into your new office space. No employee wants to drive around the block a few times looking for that precious spot that just opened – only to realize it’s too small. This is not the way to start strong in a new space, and might mean the loss of valuable employees if you can’t address the problem quickly.

#2 Is there enough parking for customers?

Whether you are the kind of business trying to attract new walk-in traffic or you only need visitor parking so that clients can drop by as needed, you will still need to make sure parking space is always available so that new clients feel welcome and old ones feel that it’s no trouble for them to stop by and speak to you face-to-face. Having a limited parking that is mainly taken up by either employees or other pedestrians going about their shopping could drive these visitors away.

#3 Does the amount of parking space allow for growth?

If you are a new business, you might want to keep growth in mind – both in terms of parking for your employees and for potential clients. It is easier to make arrangements inside a property to expand your actual office space, but parking capacity has a more definite limit, so keep that in mind in your initial lease negotiations. If you do think you might need more parking space, here are a few different options you could consider:

  • Do any employees bike to work? Some might be interested in this possibility if they live nearby, you could consider offering incentives to encourage employees to bike to work.
  • Is there a bus or a subway/light rail station nearby? Again, this might be another thing you could incentivize for employees to allow for more parking space for customers.
  • Are there other nearby parking facilities? Any potential for the development of some in the next few years?

#4 Is the parking lot accessible? 

This means both in terms of being easy to find and turn into, and easy for disabled customers or potential customers. Ideally, a client shouldn’t have to deal with a mess of one way streets and U-turns to get into your parking lot, or they just might not bother. You should also ask your landlord if the property meets state requirements for disabled parking and offers easy wheelchair entrance into the building.

Parking does involve a few different points of consideration, so make sure to have a conversation about it with your landlord as you negotiate your lease.

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