Kansas Office Space For Rent: 4 Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Kansas Office Space For Rent: 4 Tips for a Successful Negotiation

Looking for office space for lease in Overland Park Kansas can be a very long and tedious process for those who are new to the business. A lot of things need to be researched, processed and reviewed. While you are looking for an office rental space, an important but sometimes complicated step is the negotiation process. Here are a few pitfalls you should consider before entering negotiations to make sure that you come out with the best deal possible, as outlined in the article “Lease Negotiation & Mistakes Tenants Often Make”:

  • Relocation Clause – Some landlords have leases that allow them to relocate your business within their property if they need to as long as they pay for a portion of the moving costs. This can be very disruptive and expensive to your company if this happens. It might sound strange that they could make you just pick up and move, but you’d be surprised as most landlords have this provision in their leases. A good way to avoid this situation is to either strike the clause from the lease or make the penalty costs for the landlord very high, so they have to pay more to move you, which will hopefully discourage them from acting on this clause.
  • Early Move-In – Nothing is worse than paying rent for a place that doesn’t have internet or telephone connections set up yet, so try to negotiate for early possession of the space to give you time to get it business read. Ask the landlord if you can start setting up the space without paying rent yet two weeks to a month before your official start date.
  • Right to Hold Over – On the other end of the lease term you may want to negotiate for the right to hold over at the end of your lease. This may become useful if your new space isn’t fully equipped yet or you are still looking for that perfect spot to move your new business. However, be aware that most landlords will probably charge an extra 35-50% increase on the base rent for a hold over. A good idea would be to negotiate for a lower rate for a shorter amount of time upfront in your lease.
  • Discounted Rent – Though it really varies from market to market, most major cities will have landlords who will offer a month or two of a lower rental rate or a rent free period depending on your lease length. A good way to negotiate this term would be to offer to make the lease a little bit longer, so, for example, negotiating a 24 month lease to a 36 month lease with three months of discounted or free rent might be possible.

These negotiation points are easy to address with your landlord if you review the lease and make sure you have everything in order before signing the lease. Most landlords are used to making negotiations and working with the lessees for better control of the space. This makes each experience unique, so be prepared for a landlord that doesn’t want to budge or one whose lease is completely fluid. So if you are looking for commercial real estate in Overland Park make sure to find an experienced real agent or attorney who can be a helpful resource for the situation.

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