Keeping Your Desk Organized at South Creek Overland Park

Keeping an office desk organized can be a tough battle, so here are a few more tips to help you minimize clutter and maximize productivity:

  1. Cleaning supplies.  Having a clean desk helps you maintain an organized desk.  Keep whatever cleaning supplies you use to wipe down your desk handy so that you will be inclined to clean (and thus clear off and organize) more often.
  2. Scratch notepad.  Keep a notepad handy specifically for all the phone numbers, names, flight numbers, etc. that you will have to jot down during the course of the day.  Keeping them in one place—versus writing them on whatever paper scraps are handy—will make it less likely that you will lose anything.
  3. Organize wires. Move some electronics off your desk, wrap Velcro around wires, make sure wires are long enough to tuck out of the way, go wireless if possible—anything to keep your desk from being taken over by a rat’s nest of wires for various electronics.
  4. If you don’t have enough drawers.  If you need more storage space, bring in items like a dresser, bookshelves with boxes on the shelves, or file cabinets that can slide under your desk.
  5. Lighting.  Make sure your desk is well lit—a bright area can be easier to keep clean than a dark one.
  6. Organize as you go.  Try to stay on top of your organization as you work instead of letting it all pile up.  If you are getting disorganized during a big project, try to take small steps to clean, such as clearing a 1 foot by 1 foot area before you leave each day.

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