Location Questions to Ask When Looking for Office Space in Kansas

What is an important factor in renting commercial real estate?  Location, location, location!  Perhaps you live in Kansas City and are looking for a new office space, or maybe you are from somewhere else in the country searching all over for a new home for your business.  You want your business to be located in a place that will best help it flourish, whether you are a small start-up company or an established business.  Here are a few questions to ponder as you search for rental space:

  • Would you prefer your business to be located downtown, in a major business district, or in a smaller community?
  • Will the location be desirable for your employees, with plenty of parking space and places to go for lunch?
  • Is the location easily-accessible (i.e. near a major highway)?

Consideration of these factors for the sake of your clients and your employees are an important part of picking a location for your business.

Did you know that Southcreek Office Park is located in Overland Park, giving you access to all of the services and amenities this area has to offer?  Southcreek is located near other businesses that will help your business thrive—from banks and hotels to restaurants and golf courses.  Our office buildings also offer easy highway access!  While we are not in the heart of downtown Kansas City, our location in Overland Park still offers the benefits of being near a major city.  For more information about our commercial rental property in Overland Park, give us a call at 913-685-4100!


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