Messages Color Can Send About Your Office Space in Kansas City

The idea that color can have a positive effect on mood is not a new concept. Here are a few ways that the colors and hues of your office can send positive messages, as suggested in the article “Transform Your Workspace With Color”:

Fiery Colors

Using small amounts of warm, bright colors such as red or orange can energize a space. These colors are great for areas where employees are not actually working, such as hallways, kitchen spaces, or bathrooms. A small amount of red can raise the heart rate, but too much can promote stress and aggression.

Cool Colors

Cool colors such as blue and green–ones often found in nature–have been proven to be calming. Pastels, such as lilac, can have a similar effect.They can transport people from a cramped, fluorescent workspace to a more natural environment and corresponding mood. One great way to achieve this effect is by adding plants to your office.


Yellow and other brights accents promote happiness and self-esteem. These colors are best on furniture, accent walls or other decor, because an overwhelming amount of yellow can be agitating.

If you are thinking about painting your office space, consider these ways to use color to boost the mood in your workplace!

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