National Kids to Parks Day Near Southcreek Office Park

Take a child in your life to celebrate National Kids to Parks Day on Saturday, May 19th!  This holiday was created by the National Park Trust to remind people of the importance of visiting national, state, and local parks.  Studies have shown that there are many benefits to giving kids opportunities to experience the outdoors:

  • Physical benefits of getting exercise through activities like hiking trails, canoeing on a river, or just running around playing.
  • Mental benefits of learning about important historic sites that have been preserved for posterity.
  • Spiritual benefits of simply being outside and connecting with nature.
  • It is a lot of fun!

Type in your address in events locator to find an event near you.  The two closest parks with events near Southcreek Overland Park are Macken Park in North Kansas City and a park in Lenexa, Kansas.

Here are some suggested park activities to make the most of your day:

  • Stewardship Project – clean up litter, restore a trail, or team up with an organization doing a seedling project to plant and care for a tree or shrub.
  • Promoting Healthy Living – join with a group to do a run, obstacle course, bike race, hike, or canoe paddle—or organize your own!
  • Education Opportunities – take a walking tour or visit a museum or ranger center.

Take some tome time out of your own busy, pressure-filled life to take a kid to experience the simple joy of going to a park!

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