No-Cost Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued in Your Kansas City Office Space

Did you know that one major cause of employee dissatisfaction according to surveys is lack of recognition?  Your business might not have the budget to lavish perks and benefits on your employees on a regular basis, but there are a few cost-efficient steps you can take to make people feel more valued, as suggested in the Forbes article, Six Ways to Boost Employee Morale That Won’t Cost You a Dime:

  1. Work with local businesses to get deals.  Local businesses might depend on your employees stopping by as they run errands after work or frequenting a certain restaurant for lunch.  Talk to these local retailers about deals or weekly specials.  It is a win for them as business and gives you something positive to offer to your employees.  Go a little further to show that you care about the families that your employees are working to provide for by calling a few local movie theaters, pools, bowling alleys, or other family-friendly entertainment venues to see if they would be interested in partnerships or discounts.
  2. Encourage hobby sharing during lunch or breaks.  Start a book club, bring in an expert to speak on gardening, or find other small ways to show people you are interested in what they enjoy outside of work.
  3. Bring the services they need to them.  If you have extra space around your office or even just a section of a parking lot, your employees might appreciate you making an effort to bring amenities they need to them.  Ask nearby restaurants, food trucks, dry cleaners, or other service providers to come to your business—they get the opportunity to sell their products and your employees benefit from the convenience.

Trying even just one of these options is a good way to show employees that you care!

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